Biblioteca civica Italo Calvino

                                                Biblioteca civica Italo Calvino
                                  "Io, gli Altri".

                                            Le immagini della mostra allestita presso la Biblioteca civica Italo Calvino con le 426 opere di mail art inviate da artisti di 38 paesi e dedicate al tema conduttore della Fiera del Libro 2009: "Io, gli Altri".
Visto il grande successo, la mostra è stata prorogata fino al 31 luglio.

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                     “The Others and I”
Dear artist, your name has been selected from among the participants and supporters of the art events we have or-
ganized, in particular the Mail Art collections from “Ciclo/Ricicclo/Triciclo”, “LetterAltura” and “Scrigni Lunari”
and other exhibitions, symposia and art events. We are counting on your participation because we know that your
presence will lend considerable prestige to the project.
– The theme: “THE OTHERS AND I”
– The works received will go to form the initial nucleus of the Mail Art collection in Turin’s Italo Calvino Munici-
pal Library that already boasts works by Marco Gastini, Luigi Nervo, Giorgio Maria Griffa and Luigi Stoisa. The
suggested format is that of the classic 10 x 15 cm postcard, but A5 and A4 works will also be accepted.
– The works should be enclosed in a sealed envelope with the title “Io, gli Altri “ in the upper left corner and sent
to the following address:
All’attenzione della dott.ssa M. Giangoia, Biblioteca Civica Italo Calvino, Lungo Dora Agrigento n. 94,
– 10152 Torino
– DEADLINE – no later than the 30th of April 2009.
– Documentation regarding the event will be sent to all participants following the closure of the exhibition.
Please note that should the event be as successful as we hope we may need to send documentation via Email. We
therefore ask all participants to provide an Email address when they send their work.
The DOCUMENTATION will contain a number of photos of the inauguration of the exhibition and a list of the
names of the participating artists.
– WEBSITE: Photos of the works and the inauguration, as well as all necessary information regarding the event
will be published on the following website:
– All MATERIAL sent together with the work such as catalogues, CDs photos, professional notes and so on will
be exhibited alongside the work entered and will subsequently be archived by the SIVIERA Association for a mi-
nimum of five years.
The exhibition will open daily at the following times: Monday 15.00–19.45; Tuesday-Friday 8.15–19.45; Satur-
day 8.15–14.00. Closed Sundays and bank holidays.
THE EXHIBITION will be subdivided into sectors defined by factors such as nationality, genre, subject, special
effects, curiosities and so on…We would like to invite all participants and their friends to the vernissage-happe-
ning at 10 AM on Friday the 8th of May at the Cortile del Maglio, VII District, Turin. There will also be a
guided visit to the library at 2 pm.



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